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Gift Cards

Give Them That 'New Car Feeling'

Our Rich's Car Wash gift cards are the perfect gift for literally anybody—or, at least, anybody you may know with a driver's license. Our gift cards never expire and can also be used at any of our 35+ Rich's Car Wash locations—which is perfect for the constant traveler or car-pooling parent in your life.

Buy a gift card at your nearest Rich's Car Wash location or online today!


* Gift cards are not sent through email.
* Gift cards purchased online CAN NOT be used at our Wash Dat locations in Louisiana.
These gift cards must be purchased in person at those locations.
* Gift cards CAN NOT be used towards the Unlimited Wash Club memberships.

The Future of
Car Washes

Quality Service Since 1976

Rich’s Car Wash provides modern car wash services through our Express Car Wash Tunnel systems at all 30 locations. When building our car washes, we think about the experience each vehicle will have throughout the whole process. 



Rich’s helps build communities

At Rich's Car Wash, we value both people and their time. When you choose Rich's, you choose more than just a high-quality wash; you choose a company that stands by its beliefs: people, passion and perfection.

We would love to help your organization so that you can focus on what matters: the people you support.