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Unlimited Wash Club

Rich's Car Wash provides modern car wash services through our Express Car Wash Tunnel systems at all 35 locations.


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Join the Unlimited Car Wash!

Rich's Car Wash offers great value for the unlimited car wash packages.  Pay one monthly fee and visit us at any of our locations to keep your car clean all the time!


  • Saves you money! For the price of just 2 washes a month, you get unlimited washes at your convenience! Wash clubs run between $15 - $60 monthly, depending on your location. Visit your location page to learn more.
  • Membership automatically renews each month on the same day as your sign-up.


  • Your Unlimited Wash Club saves you time by providing easy access when you pull up to any wash.
  • A touch-free experience to easily roll up to the pay station and roll out if needed.

Safe & Reliable

  • Rich’s Car Wash monitors your vehicle through No Pile Ups from the moment you enter the tunnel and throughout your entire wash.
  • This cuts down on accidents caused by other customers using the tunnels.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Eco-friendly chemicals are used at all washes! Rich’s Car Wash is economically responsible by using chemicals formulated to be biodegradable and meet EPA standards.
  • Saving the water of the world! Each of our sites is friendly and has the ability to recycle water on-site to make the most efficient use of each car cleaning wash.

Over 35 Locations

  • Unlimited Wash Clubs are valid at any of our 35 locations! Enjoy the same brilliant clean at any location you visit.

Extra Perks

  • Want your ride to shine outside and inside? Enjoy our free membership detailing perks after each wash! Rich’s Car Wash offers free air fresheners, towels, Mat Wizard mat cleaners, vacuums, and window cleaner.

Join Today!

To sign up for the Wash Club, choose your nearest location and sign up with our online form.


  • What is the Wash Club? The ability to keep your vehicle clean, at your convenience, for one low monthly price.
  • How does the Wash Club work? Using RFID technology, we place a small sticker on your front windshield that is scanned every time you pull up to the pay station. 
  • Can I share my membership with others? Membership cannot be shared: one vehicle per paid membership. Limit one wash per day and one vehicle per membership.
  • Is my credit/debit card charged each month? Yes, billing occurs monthly on the anniversary date of sign-up.
  • How can I cancel my Wash Club membership? Membership can be canceled in person or by emailing Please allow 7 days advance notice of the next billing cycle to ensure proper cancellation.
  • Is my Wash Club membership good at all locations? Yes, memberships work at all express locations. (Visit our website locations page for details.).
  • How do I sign up? Visit any Rich's Car Wash location or click the Join the Wash Club button on the location pages.

Terms & Conditions

By enrolling in the Wash Club program, the customer agrees to the following:

Credit Card Processing

  • By enrolling in the Wash Club program, I agree that the credit card provided will be automatically charged monthly.
  • In the event Rich's Car Wash is unable to process payment, I understand that my membership will automatically be deactivated.


  • Wash club RFID tags remain the exclusive property of Rich's Car Wash and must be surrendered upon request. In the event the Wash Club RFID tag is tampered with, or the membership is used in any way inconsistent with its Terms and Conditions, the membership will be immediately terminated, and all monies forfeited.
  • Limit one wash per day and one vehicle per membership.


Customer Responsibility

  • Wash Club customers must contact Rich's Car Wash to give a notification when any contact or billing info changes, including but not limited to a change of address, email, or credit card information.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to provide and maintain a valid email address on file with Rich's Car Wash to receive any changes or updates to the Wash Club program.
  • Rich's Car Wash reserves the right to cancel, amend, or change the program as it deems necessary. Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.
  • Rich's Car Wash reserves the right to close due to inclement weather, major holidays, equipment failure, maintenance/repairs, and/or special events. Discounts and/or refunds are not provided.

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Quality Service Since 1976

Rich’s Car Wash provides modern car wash services through our Express Car Wash Tunnel systems at all 30 locations. When building our car washes, we think about the experience each vehicle will have throughout the whole process. 

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At Rich's Car Wash, we value both people and their time. When you choose Rich's, you choose more than just a high-quality wash; you choose a company that stands by its beliefs: people, passion and perfection.

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